The Future of Junk Food is a mission based edible project that strives to spark progress within the processed food industry. Our work has received acknowledgment and praise from some of America's most prestigious food institutions, including the James Beard House, Chefs Collaborative, American Culinary Federation and Zagat.  Like most social reform movements in America, we know that in order to achieve our goals, we must remain dedicated, patient, calculated and flexible. In order to stay hungry, we're on a strict diet of Golden Era Rap. Often times, we keep our middle fingers pointed upward while rhythmically chanting "fuck the man." Check out this propaganda video we slapped together while listening to some old school Dr. Dre.

This whole thing was birthed by a funky-ass Spring seasonal menu (April of 2013) which featured Beet Doritos, a Locavore Bologna Charcuterie Board, Morel Mushroom EZ Cheese, Spring-dug Root Veg Hot Pockets, a Fried Chicken Mousseline Double Down and a Foie-Glazed Rhubarb Jelly Donut. I loved the concept so much that I decided to follow through with it all through the Summer months, swapping out iconic offerings as often as local, sustainable produce varied.

Our next generation of TFOJF was a six part pop-up series that started in Boston and ended up in Santa Monica. I joined forces with homies Avery Gordon and chef Mark O'leary. Together, we cooked with over a dozen insanely talented chefs, recreated over thirty iconic American junk food staples (with sustainable ingredients) and fed hundreds of fellow junk food junkies. Below are some photos that span our work throughout 2014.

In 2015, we somehow convinced the James Beard Foundation to let us cook a junk food dinner (probably because we invited too many dope chefs to cook with us). On board with team junk food was Eric Gabrynowicz & Stephen Mancini of Restaurant North (Armonk, NY), Michael Scelfo of Alden & Harlow (Cambridge, MA), Derek Wagner of Nick's on Broadway (Providence, RI) and Brian Mercury of Harvest (Cambridge, MA). Hors D'oeuvres included Preztels with Beer and Mustard, Foie Ice Cream Cones, Deli Sandwich Style Island Creek Oysters, Frito Pie Bites w/ Guy Jones Cornmeal, Venison & Raclette, and Ellio's Fucking Pizza. Entree courses were Chips & Dips, Veal Sweetbread McNuggets, A&W Roadside Tribute, Dry Aged Salisbury Steak TV Dinner and Tasty Cakes for dessert. It was the pinnacle of our pop-up dining series, and since we like going out on top, we've hung up our Heritage Vinegar (made from A&W Root Beer) stained aprons until we can figure out what's NEXT. Keep one eye open at all times and an ear to the street, cuz we'll be back.