I first began my work with Chefs Collaborative close to a decade ago. We're a national (non-profit) network of like-minded chefs who work together to promote and educate the princicples of sustainability. We also celebrate those doing it right! We fight "the good food fight" via seminars, symposiums, summits, op-eds and food & wine events year round, all across the county.
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JBF Impact recently planted a flag in LA, and I am SO thrilled to be working with them via Smart Catch—an educational seafood program with the purpose of increasing the sustainability of the seafood supply chain. As a Smart Catch Leader, my restaurant Preux & Proper works with JBF to preserve marine life, assure stable fishing stocks and promote sustainably farmed options.
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In 2012, Seafood Watch began selecting members for the Blue Ribbon Task Force—a mission driven collective of chefs committed to sharing challenges and ideas about seafood sustainability. Our duty is to work closely with Seafood Watch in an "on the ground" capacity to insure a future with healthy oceans. I think of the BRTF as the Navy SEALs of the sustainable seafood movement.
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Recently, I gathered with America's best chefs in Portland, Oregon, along with colleagues from Monterey Bay Aquairum and a veteran of Capitol Hill to draft the Portland Pact—a piece of legislation calling for sustainably managed fisheries that support our businesses as well as the health of our oceans and the health of U.S. coastal economies. It's a BIG DEAL!
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Anthony Bourdain left us too early, but he also left us with a wealth of cultural and culinary inspiration. His documentary Wasted! being proof. I had the honor of MC'ing an official screening, moderating a panel discussion featuring chefs Nyesha Arrington, Minh Phan, Neil Fraser and Michael Cimarusti, and hosting a food and cocktail event inspired by the films message.
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It was an absolute honor and thrill to compete in this year's Cochon 555. My crew and I had a blast breaking down a 350 pound beautiful Berkshire hog sourced by our favorite local raisers, Peads & Barnetts. Cochon events support their charity <i>Piggy Bank</i>, which betters the future of food by endorsing safer, more enlightened farming practices through the sharing of genetics, livestock, and information. Despite our defeat, our participation helped the good food movement, something near and dear to our hearts.  <a href="/gallery" class="summary-read-more-link"><b>View Gallery →</b></a>

The Good Food 100 Restaurants™ is an annual list and rating of U.S. restaurants designed to educate eaters and celebrate restaurants–fast casual to fine dining to food service–for being transparent with their purchasing practices, and using their purchasing power to honor and support every link in the food chain. Preux & Proper took the assesssment and we encourage you to do so as well.
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